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Introducing the DRIFT token

Trade TNSR-PERP with up to 5x leverage


Trade KMNO-PERP with up to 3x leverage

Trade & Earn with Drift

Unleash the potential of your tokens — use them as collateral to trade and automatically earn yield on them just by depositing.
Earn High Yield
Up to 32.2% APR
Borrow/Lend, Staking, and Trading Vaults
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Your All-In-One DEX

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Pre-Launch Markets

Speculate on the listing price of an unlaunched token on perpetual markets. Gain insight into token sentiment with these markets.
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20x Leverage

Trade 25+ of the hottest markets with up to 20x leverage. Whether you’re into perpetuals, spot trading or swapping, Drift has everything you need.
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Earn Yield

Deposit over 12 assets as collateral and earn yield automatically from lending. Earn more yield from Staking and Market Making Vaults.
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Backed by the best

Anatoly Yakov…of Solanalogos-1Logobixinlogos-2Logo whitelogoslogos-5polychainetherealfoliusAnatoly Yakov…of Solanalogos-1Logobixinlogos-2Logo whitelogoslogos-5polychainetherealfoliusAnatoly Yakov…of Solana

The CEX-iest
DEX on Solana

Experience the best of centralized exchanges completely on-chain.

Lightning fast speeds

Drift is built on Solana to leverage its 100 milliseconds finality for seamless trade and yield opportunities.

Cross-margin and yield-bearing system

Use any token as collateral for trading and earn yield just by depositing.
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Access to deep liquidity

JIT liquidity mechanism ensures orders of any size gets filled with near-zero slippage and at the lowest fees.
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World class risk management

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Drift protocol has been audited by industry-leading security firms.

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