On-Chain Perpetual & Spot Trading with Leverage

Drift is a decentralized trading platform giving you more leverage on your capital.
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on all deposits automatically.
Battle-tested and decentralized

Drift is the fastest growing derivatives DEX on Solana

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in under 6 months
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Our mission is to deliver the best trader experience on chain

Our Protocol v2 innovations
Trade any asset, any size, any time - instantly.
Our Just-In-Time Auction mechanism allows Makers to step in and fill your orders at better prices.
Smarter Market Maker
Drift v2 achieves a more balanced long-short open interest resulting in more symmetrical payouts for winners and losers, regardless of price action.
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Bug Bounty

Discover bugs or vulnerabilities and get paid up to $500,000 USD.

Build on Drift

Our protocol code is open source. Build trading bots, make a smart contract contribution, or explore the code!


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