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Announcing the Details of the DRIFT Launch Airdrop

May 13, 2024

The Drift Foundation is excited to announce that the DRIFT Launch Airdrop will go live on May 16 at 12pm UTC (8am EST). Launching the token will mark a significant step towards decentralizing Drift, acknowledging loyal users, and empowering the community with a greater voice in the protocol's future development.

With Drift being the leading perpetuals DEX and a core DeFi protocol on Solana, empowering users will not only take Drift to the next level but also push the boundaries of what’s possible on Solana. 12% of the tokens, amounting to 120 million tokens, will be distributed to eligible Drift users based on their activity on the platform. Users can check their eligibility via the Drift Foundation website.

Here’s a summary of what you need to know:

Launch Airdrop Details

  • Total Airdrop Supply: 12% 
  • Total Tokens for Airdrop: 120,000,000
  • Date and time: May 16 2024, 8 AM Eastern Time
  • Eligibility and claims URL: https://drift.foundation/ 

Bonus Allocation Mechanism 

Historically, airdrop claims have caused network congestion, resulting in a suboptimal user experience as tens of thousands of users and bots rush to claim their airdrop. To provide the best experience and further recognize loyal Drifters, a unique bonus mechanism has been implemented. All eligible users have two components to their airdrop

  • An initial allocation
  • A bonus allocation 

The initial allocation is available at launch, and the bonus unlocks linearly over 6 hours. Vesting starts immediately at launch and stops the moment you claim your allocation. By waiting the full 6 hours, users can double the number of tokens they receive.

The airdrop will kickstart a new phase of development and growth for Drift, one that places users at the center of it. We can’t wait to see how Drift continues to grow, expand and innovate as users are empowered! 


Please verify that the website you are claiming from matches drift.foundation.

Claims will only go live on May 16, 12pm UTC (8am EST). Do not visit unofficial links or connect your wallet to apps claiming to be the DRIFT airdrop. Follow the @DriftFDN Twitter account for the latest updates.