Drift features independent subaccounts that have their own balances and collateral/margin allowing users to trade on isolated margin via these subaccounts.

This quick guide will walk through the steps to create a subaccount on Drift.

Step 1: Navigate To Main Account

Visit app.drift.trade.

Click the “Main Account” panel in the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2: Add Subaccount

Select the “Add Subaccount” button.

Step 3: Select Subaccount Details

Create a name for the new subaccount.

Next, choose whether you want to deposit funds into the subaccount directly from your wallet, from your main account, or from another subaccount.

After doing so, select the collateral you wish to deposit and enter the desired deposit amount.

Step 4: Create Subaccount

Once all the details have been confirmed, click the “ADD” button.

You will be prompted to sign a wallet transaction to confirm the deposit and subaccount creation.

Step 5: Switch Between Subaccounts

If you have multiple subaccounts, you can easily switch between them. 

Simply navigate to the “Main Account” panel and click to to see a dropdown with all your subaccounts including their respective account health.

Step 6: Manage Subaccounts

Navigate to app.drift.trade and this time select “Overview” in the navigation bar. 

Select the “Manage Subaccounts” section.

Here you can see how many subaccounts you have as well as their total combined value.

You can also edit your subaccount names, manage, deposit, and withdraw to and from your subaccounts, and view account health of each one.

Trade On Drift‍ 

You can deposit digital assets you purchased and swapped to use as collateral on Drift and start trading, earning yield, and borrowing. 

For more on Drift, head over to our Learn hub.

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