We're pleased to share that Drift v2 is officially live on gated mainnet!

As always, huge thanks to our active community members and contributors for helping us get here.

Here are a few things we primarily focused on in our journey toward launching gated mainnet: 

  • Increasing Protocol Liquidity
  • Full Service DeFi Exchange
  • Security & Guardrails
  • Crafting the Best UI/UX
  • Incorporating Community Feedback

Increasing Protocol Liquidity

We’ve seen many decentralised exchanges (DEXs) struggle with on-chain limitations.

With Drift v2, our aim is to lift these challenges by introducing a multi-faceted liquidity mechanism — the Liquidity Trifecta.

The Liquidity Trifecta is composed of:

  • Just-in-Time Auction Liquidity
  • AMM Liquidity
  • Orderbook Liquidity

We’ve enjoyed hearing people's reactions when experimenting with liquidity & order execution on Drift's gated mainnet.

Full Service DeFi Exchange

We’re introducing the first iteration of our idea of a full-service DeFi platform with Drift v2—giving traders maximal capital efficiency.

Drift v2 highlights:

  • Perpetual trading with up to 10x leverage
  • Spot trading, i.e. swaps
  • Cross-collateral deposits
  • Yield earned on deposits
  • Yield earned on staked deposits
  • Borrow/lend

This is all achievable on Drift with just a single pool of capital.

For more on our Drift v2 features, visit our docs.  

Security & Guardrails

Drift v2 has invested heavily into building a secure decentralised exchange, with a focus on creating & implementing intensive risk-parameters to ensure the safety of the protocol.

Our team has spent 6 months running comprehensive agent-based simulations on the exchange, simulating a variety of market conditions and possible exploits for the protocol to withstand. We adapted v2 to these simulations to ensure that the next exchange will thrive as new conditions arise.

Drift v2 security implementations:

  • Multi-Step Oracle Validity Checks
  • Preventing AMM Toxic Flow
  • uP&L Asset Weight
  • Settled and Realised P&L
  • Exchange Auto-Settlement
  • AMM Bid / Ask Spread

For a detailed breakdown on security & guardrails implemented in v2, read more in this article which covers some of the most important changes from Drift v1 to v2.

Crafting the Best User Interface & Experience

Apart from our new DeFi primitives, we take pride in creating the best user experience possible for traders.

With the launch of Drift v2, users can enjoy a new and improved UI which many came to love in our v1. The devs have worked tirelessly to iterate and refine Drift v2 into the user-friendly, robust DEX it is today.

Here are some interface examples from our v2 gated mainnet: 

Account Overview
Portfolio Overview
Yield Earning
Borrow & Repay
Light Mode

Incorporating Community Feedback

At launch, we initially gave 80 of our most loyal community members exclusive access to Drift v2. This was to specifically give Drift power users the chance to test the platform and share feedback openly, allowing us to iterate and improve inefficiencies.

We gradually expanded this group to the majority of our community members, taking daily feedback along the way.

With the launch of gated mainnet and our users steadily growing, we’d like to take this moment and sincerely thank all of you once again for the valuable insights our OG Drifters have provided.

Drift v2 wouldn't be anywhere near to what it is growing into without you 💜

How To Get Access to Drift v2 Gated Mainnet

The only way to use the protocol during this period is with a Drift v2 Alpha Ticket.

Join the Drift community on Discord and ask for a v2 Alpha Ticket and one of our mods will hook you up!

We'll be expanding access, adding new markets, and increasing deposit limits over the coming days.

Drift v2 will be opening up to the public this December, just a few weeks from now!

Disclaimer: This release is strictly for informational purposes only and doesn’t constitute financial advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions. Please be careful and do your own research.

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