After months of development, testing, and debugging new features on Drift v2, devnet is now open to everyone for testing ahead of our mainnet launch!

We’ve lifted all restrictions moving forward on devnet and no access code is required.

We are extremely grateful to the Drift community for all the valuable contributions & feedback during closed devnet allowing us to craft the best trading experience possible for our users.

Getting Started

To get started with testing on devnet, reference the steps in outlined in this guide.

1. Head over to Drift v2 on devnet here:

2. In your Phantom wallet, change your network settings to ‘Devnet’ under ‘Developer Settings.’

3. Connect your wallet to Drift.

4. Select the ‘Deposit’ button to airdrop yourself devnet SOL & USDC.

5. In the Deposit modal airdrop yourself SOL first. Note that you will have to switch the asset to SOL to see the 'Airdrop SOL' button.

There will be no transaction request for the SOL airdrop as it pulls directly from SOL faucet.

6. Switch back to USDC and select the 'Airdrop USDC' button to receive devnet USDC. Be sure to approve the transaction in your Phantom wallet.

7. Once you've completed the steps outlined above, deposit the airdropped USDC from your wallet into your Drift account and you're ready to start Drifting on devnet!

Sharing Feedback & Bugs

Your feedback is invaluable to us and we encourage you to share any findings during your testing — please report feedback or bugs here.

Feedback is broken down into 4 category types: 

  • Managing collateral
  • Placing/executing a trade
  • Portfolio page and account information
  • Other (please specify)

What to focus on for testing

  • Interact with the Perps page and place trades like you normally would
  • Managing your collateral (e.g. deposits, withdrawals, borrows, and transfers)
  • Place trades with different order types via the form (e.g. market, limit, stop, take profit, etc.)
  • Place trades in different markets
  • Interact with open positions & look at the positions table and funding settlement
  • Review your account and overview and portfolio pages

Wen v2 Launch?

Drift v2 will be launching on gated mainnet soon!

If you haven’t signed up to receive an alpha ticket yet, register here. Alpha tickets are required to use gated mainnet. The registration window closes once mainnet is live, so make sure to sign up ahead of time!

We're excited to begin this next chapter and thank you for joining us on this journey!

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