Drift is excited to announce its partnership with Dialect and is proud to be one of the first projects to integrate the Alert Stack.

Dialect’s Alert Stack enables Drift to send timely and relevant notifications to all Driftors through Telegram and inside the Drift App.

What is The Alert Stack?

The Alert Stack enables projects to seamlessly integrate a robust notification center into their apps and leverage the power of push notifications to engage with their audience.

Learn more about Dialect’s Alert Stack here and read their official announcement here [blog link].

Get Real Time Notifications

Drift users can now receive notifications within the app or via Telegram to stay informed.

Wondering what notifications Drift has in store? Check out the roadmap below 👇

Drift’s Notifications Roadmap

Notifications will initially launch with Announcements, which includes: New Features, New Markets, and Beta Releases.

Here are some other notifications the devs are cooking up:

  • Trigger Order Fills: Never wonder again whether your SL or TP was hit, get notified when an order is triggered and its fill status.
  • Low Health & Liquidation Warnings: Liquidations are never fun, get a heads up before hand and immediately take action to keep your account in good health.
  • Price & APR Alerts: No more staring at charts, get price alerts and never miss an opportunity in the market again.
  • In-App Audio Alerts: This one is for the loyal Driftors that have the app open 24/7. A pleasant audio will play in the background to alert you.

How to Enable Notifications

1.  Connect your wallet & click on the Notification Center

After you connect your wallet, click on the Notification Center icon in the navigation bar

2.  Verify you own the wallet

For security purposes, verify that you own the wallet and account that is going to be receiving the notifications.

3.  Set up notifications

Once you’ve verified that you own the wallet, you can start enabling and setting up notifications.

Enable notifications for the wallet and flip the toggle to “Notifications On”.

To receive notifications via Telegram, submit your telegram handle, activate the bot via Telegram, and input the verification code provided by the bot.

When you’ve finished setting it up, your settings should look something like this:

4.  Start Receiving Notifications!

You’re all set now to receive notifications from Drift in app and via Telegram

5.  Customize your alerts (coming soon)

Have an idea or request for Drift notifications? Share it with core contributors on Discord!

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