Drift is excited to introduce the Drift Trader Program, a new initiative designed to enable traders to participate in governance and the future growth of Drift.

The Drift Trader Program is a separate initiative. The snapshot has already been taken for the Airdrop and includes activity up until April 18 00:00 UTC.

A Look Back On The Trader Points Program

The Trader Points Program was a tremendous success. Since it was launched on January 23, Drift has experienced significant growth across all key metrics:

  • Cumulative trading volume grew from $5.1b to $22b
  • Weekly trading volume grew from $339m to highs of $2.28b
  • Weekly users grew from 19.8k to a peak of 42k
  • Total number of new users since the launch of the program increased by 93.2k

Why Drift Traders?

Drift aims to be a platform where users engage, not only because they love the product and features, but because they are an integral part of its growth. Drift isn’t just a protocol but a community.

Building on the success of the Drift Trader Points program, this new initiative is Drift's way of recognizing traders for their continued usage and giving them a significant voice in the protocol's growth.

Program Details

Any trading activity after April 18, 2024 00:00 UTC will be counted towards the new Trader Program

The Drift Trader Program is structured similarly to the points program, where traders will be periodically recognized based on their trading volume—both taker and maker.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Activity Tracked: Both taker and maker volumes
  • Duration: This will be an ongoing program and will continue to evolve with the input of the community
  • Recognition: More details on how activity will be awarded will be announced soon!

Get Recognized For Trading

Drift is not just a platform, but a community where traders are recognized.

Trade on Drift: https://app.drift.trade/

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