Introducing Lite Mode 🌟

Simplify Your Trading Experience

Drift is thrilled to unveil Lite Mode, a game-changing feature designed specifically with Driftors in mind.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just venturing into the world of perpetuals trading, Lite Mode offers a streamlined trading experience like never before.

Saying Goodbye to All the Noise

One of the biggest challenges new traders have faced is trying to make sense of technical information — some of which can overwhelm even the savviest of traders. Lite Mode addresses this head-on by reducing all the noise and complexity.

Lightning Fast Trading

Say goodbye to unnecessary complexities and hello to lightning-fast trading. Lite Mode makes it easier and faster to get in and out of positions with market orders, allowing you to seize every opportunity without hesitation. Be sure to have your Trading Profile set to “Fast” in the settings.

Seamless Customization

But wait, there's more! Drift understand that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to trading styles and Drift is committed to empowering traders of all levels with the tools they need.

Whether you prefer a minimalist layout or crave additional insights, Lite Mode allows you to switch between Lite and Pro Mode effortlessly.

Customize your UI to suit your trading style in the Layout Options or flip the switch in the footer for maximum convenience.

Ready to Start Trading with Lite Mode?

Lite Mode is just the beginning of Drift's journey towards a simpler, more accessible trading experience for everyone.

Ready to trade like a pro, without the complexities? Toggle Lite Mode on and experience the difference for yourself.

Happy trading Driftors! 🚀

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