To encourage market makers to provide liquidity to perpetual markets on Drift, qualified market makers who opt into the Incentive Program will split a reward pool of up to $3,000 USDC each week.

Who Can Join?

Anyone that can programmatically market make on Drift is invited to apply for the Program. Check out our protocol’s SDK and our open sourced market making bots to get started.

Eligible market makers will be qualified on application. Reach out to our team ( to apply.

Apply today and earn weekly cash rewards.

Program Period

  1. The Program will run each week starting on Monday, 00:00 UTC and concluding on Sunday, 23:59 UTC (”Program Period”).
  2. Drift will notify participating market makers if the Program is paused for any particular week.


The rewards for the Incentive Program are split into two categories: a Volume Reward and a Score Reward.

Volume Reward: $1,5000 USDC

Score Reward: $1,500 USDC

To learn more about how each are calculated, visit our docs.

Additional Terms

  1. Any wash trading or self matching is strictly prohibited. If wash trading or self matching is observed in order to manipulate market share, then the incentives for that month are forfeited. This is at the sole discretion of Drift Protocol.
  2. Market makers will be able to track their performance here.

Payment Options

  1. Qualified Market Makers will receive their payments in USDC.
  2. Payout will be at the conclusion of the Program contingent on passing the Qualification Requirements.
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