We're simplifying the Drift onboarding experience with passwordless sign up and log in! With passwordless log in, new traders can get started quickly and securely, without the need to remember any passwords or seed phrases.

Sign Up

When you sign up for Drift with your email, you’ll receive an authentication email with a code that will be sent to you each time you want to login.

The first time you authenticate via email a Magic Wallet will automatically be created for you — this Magic Wallet is a non-custodial crypto wallet linked to your Drift account.

Magic Wallet

Your Magic Wallet will have a unique address and private key which can be retrieved at any time via email authentication. You’ll retain sole and complete control over your private keys and funds — neither Drift nor Magic Link have access to your wallet or private keys.

Once you have your new wallet, deposit a small amount of SOL and assets as collateral to start trading on Drift!

Magic Wallet uses a Delegated Key Management system secured by Hardware Security Modules, and is SOC2-Type 2 and GDPR compliant — meaning the effectiveness of their security and privacy procedures have been audited.

Getting Started

To get started with a new passwordless account, visit our guide here.

For more details on passwordless sign up and log in, including a list of FAQs, check out our docs.

Get started on Drift today and enjoy a seamless, secure, and convenient sign-in experience!

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