Introducing Referral Links

We've seen frequent requests for this feature — and we're glad to share that referral links are now live on Drift!

Create a custom referral link and start boosting your earnings when you refer new users to trade on Drift.

Whenever you refer a new trader to Drift, you will receive a portion of their trading fees as a reward. Referrers earn 15% of the fees from users they refer to Drift, and the referred user will also receive a discount of 5% off their fees.

Claim your referral link today & start earning:

Referrals Contest

To celebrate the launch of referral links we are giving away $5,000 in rewards to the TOP referrer by the end of May!

The winner will receive $2,500 USDC & $2,500 [REDACTED] 👾 👀

How to Participate

  1. Create a Referral Link at
  2. Start inviting people to Drift using your referral link

For a step-by-step guide on how to create a referral link, check out


Keep track of your progress on our referral leaderboard. The leaderboard refreshes on the hour, every hour.

Good luck and happy referring!


The Referral Competition ("Competition") is subject to the Competition Terms and Conditions, these rules and any further rules or updates posted by Drift (together the ”Rules”).

The Competition period will run until June 1st, 00:00 UTC ("Competition Period").

Drift will determine the winners of the Competition in its absolute and sole discretion with no recourse for appeal. Violation of any Rules may result in disqualification from the Competition, Drift reserves the right to exercise absolute discretion in determining what constitutes prohibited behaviour.

By participating in the Competition, all users agree that:

  1. Winners of each prize will be announced in the Discord via their wallet address. Winners will be required to reach out to the Drift team to provide further details to claim their prize. Receipt of any prize is conditional upon compliance with these Rules and Competition Terms and Conditions
  2. Receipt of any prize is conditional upon compliance with these Rules and Competition Terms and Conditions. The relevant prize will be transferred to the relevant winning participant based on the details provided by that winning participant. Please note that the winning prize will only be transferred upon receipt of all necessary documentation reasonably requested by Drift.
  3. The total pool of prizes that the participants together, will receive, as part of the Competition is $2,500 USDC (the “Total Prizes”) and 2500 of an unspecified asset to be revealed at a later date. The allocation breakdown for the Total Prizes available are set out on this page and is subject to Drift’s discretion.
  4. If for any reason the winner does not take the prize or an element of the prize at the time stipulated, then the prize or that element of the prize will be forfeited and will not be redeemable for cash. The prize, or any unused portion of the prize, is not transferable or exchangeable, unless otherwise specified.
  5. All taxes or costs associated with obtaining the prize are the winner’s sole responsibility.
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