Drift Trader Points are well underway and we’re gearing up to distribute another 2 million points to Driftors this week!

The team has been working hard behind the scenes and actively listening to your feedback.

This article aims to provide a further clarification on the Drift Trader Points Program and shine a light on the activities that help you accrue points to give your trading a boost.

Why Drift Trader Points

Drift's goal is to provide a world class trading experience — this means improving orderbook liquidity.

Points provide incentives to Market Makers and Liquidity Providers to supercharge liquidity on the exchange, giving Traders fast and fair fills.

What activities earn points?

Drift is first and foremost a trading platform, meaning the program will reward you for:

  • Providing liquidity on the orderbook
  • Backstop AMM Liquidity (BAL -- formerly DLP)
  • Perps + spot trading volume

The program is designed to be sybil-resistant — rewarding real Driftors and real activity.

Certain behaviours such as wash trading (engaging in artificial trading activity to manipulate market activity) and self-referring are strictly forbidden. Engaging in such activities may result in disqualification from earning points for a specific week or, in more severe cases, for the entire duration of the program. Drift Protocol is committed to a fair and transparent trading setting, and any actions that compromise the integrity of the program will be addressed with appropriate measures.

How are points distributed?

The Trader Points Program will distribute up to 2M points per week. They are split amongst Taker and Maker activity as follows:

  • 750k points for Taker activity: This is a pro-rated amount of taker fees paid as a % of the total weekly fees
  • 1.25m points Maker activity: Maker Liquidity and Volume are rewarded.

You can learn more about the Market Maker Rewards Program here.

Points UI Update

Points History has now been added to the UI. You’ll be able to see your trading volume for each points drop period and how it correlates with your Points earned.

You can view this any time and it will be updated with every Points drop.

It important to note that points may be updated as new data and records are added to the calculations

OG Points

This will reward your past activity from Drift’s inception up to the beginning of the points program (Jan 22). OG points will be distributed after the Points program ends.

The following activities are not included in the Trader Points, but will be rewarded in the future via OG Points:

  • Insurance Fund Staking
  • Deposits
  • Borrow / Lend
  • super stake sol

Don’t worry, we’ve already taken snapshots of all your past activity!

When will the Trader Points program end?

Drift is here to reward you and is committed to providing a clear deadline for the end of the Trader Points program. The Points Program will run for only 3 months max, from the start of the program.

Stay tuned, we have more surprises in store for you soon 💝

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