We are glad to announce that Drift has integrated Wormhole Connect — a new product from Wormhole that brings wrapped and native token bridging directly into applications.

Cross-Chain Deposits

Currently, it’s challenging to transfer assets across different blockchain networks. Those who wish to bridge tokens from other networks have to navigate different gas tokens, multiple wallets, and leave websites or applications altogether in order to bridge. But with Connect, this is changing.

By integrating Wormhole Connect, Drift will be the first application to allow users from different blockchains to access the exchange and experience seamless cross-chain functionality — all within the Drift app. This integration supports the mutual goal of Drift and Wormhole, which is to create a more seamless user experience and drive the growth and wider adoption of DeFi.

Now traders can utilize Wormhole Connect to bridge assets like USDC from Ethereum to Solana directly from Drift in just a few clicks. This integration makes cross-chain deposits on Drift easier than ever.

To learn more, head over to the announcement from Wormhole.

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