Drift has integrated with Mayan and Wormhole to bring you cross-chain swaps & bridging directly from the exchange. As a bonus, Mayan Swap has decided to waive all relayer fees for the next two weeks!

Bridge to Solana Directly on Drift

With the integration of Mayan Swap, traders can now perform cross-chain swaps from Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, and Arbitrum directly from Drift into native USDC or SOL on Solana. Wormhole bridge users will receive wrapped assets that they can then swap for USDC on Solana once the bridge is complete.

Zero Relayer Fees

For 2 weeks after launch, all Mayan cross-chain swaps will be free of relayer fees. This promotion will last until June 21st.

Cross-Chain Swaps & Bridging with Mayan

Mayan Swap is a cross-chain auction protocol that allows users to swap from any network into native assets with one click at the best rates across Solana. Mayan swap is non-custodial making it impossible for the anyone to pause or cancel your transactions during the bridging process.

Cross-Chain Bridging with Wormhole

Drift recently integrated Wormhole Connect which allows for wrapped bridges directly from the exchange. Read more about our Wormhole Connect integration.

How to Cross-Chain Swap on Drift

This step-by-step guide will take you through how to perform your first cross-chain swap on Drift today. On Drift, all cross-chain swaps automatically include gas drop off (0.05 SOL) for new Solana wallets to help you get you started. You can always adjust this in the settings.

1) Visit app.drift.trade and head to the Deposit/Withdraw modal that can be found at the top-right corner of your screen

2) From this screen, navigate to “Swap or bridge to deposit funds from another chain” at the bottom. This will open up the interface to perform your first swap.

3) Here you will be prompted with which bridge you’d like to use! As a note, you’ll need SOL in your wallet for transaction fees and collateral in your Drift Account for trades

4.1) Mayan Swap
From here you’ll be able to directly swap from EVM chains such as Ethereum, BSC and Arbitrum into native USDC or SOL on Solana. Simply connect your wallet, select the chain and asset you’d like to swap to/for and select your destination wallet.

Once you've input your details, authorize the transaction to complete the cross-chain swap.

4.2) Wormhole Bridge
Bridge USDC from Ethereum to Solana. Bridged USDCet will then need to be swapped for native USDC. After you've bridged your assets, you can swap with Jupiter for native USDC and deposit it onto Drift as collateral.

Get Started

Visit https://app.drift.trade/bridge to begin bridging today!

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