We’re excited to announce Drift Points, an incentivized points program for traders and market makers.

You can start earning points today by trading on Drift!

Activity Tracking

The Points program is forward-looking and recognises future activity.

For traders who have been with the platform even before the launch of Points, Drift has taken historical user snapshots to ensure loyal users will be recognised for their continued commitment to the platform. The first weekly points drop will take place on Feb 2nd, 2024.

To prevent gamification and ensure fairness, the exact points methodology will not be disclosed until the end of the program, which will only run for 3 months max.

Why Drift Points?

Drift Points are designed to quantify and recognise participants for their contributions and loyalty to Drift.

Drift’s Points come at the back of a year of exponential growth. To date, Drift has processed over $5B in volume across more than 90,000 users, securing over $130M in total value locked (TVL) with the deepest derivatives liquidity on Solana.

None of this would have been possible without the enduring support of our incredible community — points for past activity will be distributed at the end of the program. You have stuck with Drift through thick and thin and helped it become the leading perpetual futures exchange on Solana (next step, the world!).

For frequelty asked questions about Drift Points, read on here.

Drift Ships

In the last year, Drift released a series of products to improve users’ bridging and trading experience, including “Connect by Drift,” the first Solana Metamask Snaps, Circuit Native Market Making Vaults, Drift Liquidity Provider (DLP). Drift was also one of the first partners on Solana to launch Circle’s cross-chain transfer protocol (CCTP).  Drift is the first and only perp DEX to list airdropped tokens such as JTO and PYTH as collateral for trading — as well as leveraged perp markets.

The Endgame

We aim to make Drift the number one perpetual futures exchange in crypto and ultimately eliminate the need for centralized exchanges. As we look to 2024, the community will play an even greater role in Drift’s vision as it transitions to a fully decentralized network. More to go here!

Join Us

Join us on our journey to build the most full-featured, CEX-like experience without compromising on transparency and decentralization.

To start earning points, go trade at https://app.drift.trade/.

Note: Drift is only available in certain jurisdictions, please check Drift terms for an up-to-date list.

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